Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That's got to be the best thing on the water!!

I'm not kidding! This is the first and only Tahe Marine Greenland in Australia and I do wish there was one more for me. Brian who has also been feeling a little flat since our return from Bass Strait has found a new kayak to rekindle his love for kayaking and quite frankly, I'm envious.

Now this looks every bit like a typical traditional skin on frame but it's not, this one is a composite version and it's very well made indeed. This was Brian's first time in it and I dare say that he didn't know exactly what to expect but while it may appear a little challenging, it wasn't long before he was right at home. After playing around Wavebreak Island for a while we paddled out through the Seaway and surfed some gentle waves on South Straddie where it's surf ability soon became obvious.

I couldn't wait to have a paddle and when I did, I instantly felt comfortable. The ocean cockpit and general tight fit was a bit of an initial challenge but soon forgotten as I settled in and tried a few rolls, needless to say that it rolls like a dream. One of the first things you notice is how low the freeboard is and how well it sits in the water engaging it's hard chines, you also feel 'closer' to the water (and I'm a Nordkapp paddler!). I'm looking forward to paddling with you more often Brian ;)


  1. I saved myself some embarrasment and forego trying to fit into the Greenland: I just could not see that happening at 184cm, size 12 (US) feet and let's say a "smidgen" over 100Kg.
    Tess however fits it nicely and wants one too :-)

  2. These are starting to look like a cross between racing skis and K1's


  3. Gnarlydog, they are coming out with a bigger one - a local friend here in Victoria BC has one on its way - should be here in a few weeks...