Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here We Are on Marble Island

Living proof!
Marble Island

We arrived on Marble Island on Wednesday the 20th around 3.30 in the afternoon after paddling three hours in moderate conditions. The strong tidal flows of this area were a bit of a concern to us as we were planning our route, so we paid particular attention to this factor before setting off. We arrived in the shelter of the Island just as the tide and the wind were starting to pick up and had been spotted by some very curious and cautious deers on the hills, soon thereafter we spotted our first whale for the trip; it was in the distance coming in through the Lola-Montes Passage. 

The camp site is pretty good but unfortunately the wind is picking up and set to stay for the next few days, being a South Westerly makes it great to paddle to the Percy group but not so nice for camping while we wait for tomorrow's favorable tide.

We were both pretty tired by the end of a very long day and although our first day's paddle wasn't so long, the packing and preparations made up for it. It was an early dinner and bedtime for us.

Editors note: Silvio climbed for an hour to reach the peak of the highest hill on the island and gained enough reception to send me a few photos and the above post. Lets hope we can still reach him in a few days. 

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