Sunday, July 24, 2011

South Percy

Marble Island to South Percy Island
South Percy
On Friday around 5am, Eddie & Silvio left Marble Island to paddle a distance of around 18nmi for approx. 7 hours to The Percy Group. Details beyond this are sketchy because my information is coming via the VMR* if and when the guys manage to make contact with them via radio.

According to Alf (from the VMR) the guys paddled up to a yacht and used their radio. I am not sure if this was because their own radios were on the fritz or they actually visited the yacht to get water & used the radio while they were there. The outcome is that they are on South Percy and I imagine they would have camped there at least 1 night.

My guess is that after they leave South Percy, they will travel north to the main island of the Percy Group.


*VMR: Voluntary Marine Rescue

Editors note: I have included a map showing the islands, but the route shown is one I have guessed they made; not necessarily accurate.

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