Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Reception

After a pleasant drive to Mt Morgan to stay the night with Eddie's cousin, the boys enjoyed some Nth Q hospitality and set off early Tuesday heading to Meryhl's Place at Stanage Bay.

A challenging drive, even in the Landrover.

The Military Training Zone.
Arriving at Stanage on Tuesday afternoon, Silvio & Eddie are delighted at the waterside location of the house...till the tide goes out that is! When the tide is out, it's out for miles, exposing huge jagged boulders as far as you can see. Needless to say they'll be timing their departure & arrival for the high tide. There will be some heavy fetch 'n' carry to fill the kayaks but Silvio told me it's a beautiful day up there and the water is glassy. They have planned to paddle from Stanage Bay to Marble Island and camp there tonight. Hopefully in the morning, conditions will be good to go from there to Otterbourne Reef. It seems pretty small, I think they may need to go back to camp Marble that night too.  Locals say that the islands are croc free, but they do live in the mainland estuaries.

Paddle to Marble Island - approx 10 nautical miles
Sadly, there was no mobile reception to be had in Stanage Bay, so we chatted on the house phone but that's probably the last I'll hear from them till their return. Unless the islands have reception, you will have to put up with the second hand news that I may glean from my calls to Alf at the VMR.
Our thoughts & best wishes are with Eddie & Silvio for a safe & pleasant journey.


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