Saturday, March 21, 2009

Farewell Flinders

The last two days have been quite leisurely as we paddled down the West coast of Flinders Island. The first half of yesterday was very cruisey with both wind and current pushing us along, it was a bit like being on a travelator that was taking us past this magnificent display of granite boulders and awesome rock gardens with the breathtaking views of the Strzelecki Peaks in the background. Today we had a ball playing in amongst the surges created within the rock pools as we reached the most southern tip of the island to set up camp. This campsite is nothing to write home about, unlike the one we found last night which was just a short walk from the Whitemark Interstate Hotel for a good old fashion counter meal and a few local ales. It was also nice this morning to be able to walk into town for cooked breakfast. Whitemark and it's residents have most definitely left a lasting impression on all of us, I don't think that we passed anyone in the street who didn't greet us.
Early rise tomorrow as we cross Franklin Sound to Cape Barren Island to camp and then on to Clark Island for the following night. We seem to be running on track to cross Banks Straits on the 23rd, in time to meet my brother John and his son Damian who are taking my car across on the ferry. Hopefully the weather will hold out for our last crossing as I have heard that it can get pretty wild at times.
You can check out the weather for Cape Barren Island here.

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