Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time to get these Kayaks out of the Bushes!!

It's been fantastic being here and getting to spend time with Wes and Ethel, today they even had us doing some odd jobs to earn our keep and tonight, we have been invited to a barbecue with them to try some Wallaby sausages. Not the local Wallabies, we were assured but the ones from the butcher on Flinders. Apparently that's what we had the other night when we thought we were having beef stew, I must say that we have been looking at these cute little critters in a different light ever since. Sadly our stay here is coming to an end as we prepare our kayaks for the sixty odd kilometre paddle to Royden Island, just off the coast of Flinders. The forecast is favourable for tomorrow and on Bass Strait, you need to take the opportunities to paddle whenever the weather permits, unfortunately this time it means that we have to get out of bed at half past three in the morning to do this but hopefully we will land in time to put our tents up in daylight.


  1. HI Guys,,

    Looking good

    Best wishes
    Gary Forrest

  2. Hi S, B & C,

    Hope the day went well and that you landed in day light. Looking forward to the next installment.


  3. Keep enjoying the journey guys. See you at Rock n Roll.

  4. Weather forecst is looking even better now. Very light winds for next couple of days.
    With a bit of luck you might make it to Tassie before the next front comes in.

  5. Believe you have now made it to Royden ... well done!

    Almost home ;-)