Monday, March 16, 2009

Are We Fit Enough to Paddle Across Bass Strait?

...well if not, we sure will be by the time we walk all the tracks on Deal Island; and let me say, some of them are pretty steep.
This morning before our walk, we saw Ethel from our window as she was walking towards us with another pot of stew, 'this ones not for you' she said, 'you have visitors'. She had noticed that the Paddledogs had walked up to the house from Winter Cove. Rather than stay around to watch them eat a delicious home cooked meal, we opted to walk up to the old lighthouse on Southern point. On the way we stopped in at the weather station and saw the needle on the wind meter hit 50 knots, that's definitely too strong for paddling.

(Editors note: The Deal Island lighthouse is the Southern Hemisphere's highest. At an elevation of 305m that's some pretty big hill !)

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  1. Silvio, looks like that the wind will drop off tomorrow and hold for a few days.
    I guess you guys are itching to hit the water again