Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Place is Magnificent!

We arrived at Hogan Island at around 7.30pm tonight which still gave us about an half an hour of light to set up camp; the beautiful rock formations in the late afternoon light were a sight to see. There is so much talk about Deal Island and so little about Hogan, that makes me think that the best is yet to come. The paddle was long and hard, we were on the water for five and a half hours before seeing any land. It's very hard to stay awake when all you have to focus on is a compass. We did have a pod of at least a dozen, very playful dolphins accompanying us twice and we even paddled up to some seals laying on their backs sunning themselves in the middle of nowhere. The wildlife on Hogan is not that exciting though. There are lots of very noisy Mutton Birds and extremely cheeky field rats. We are looking forward to adding our names to the guest book in the island's cabin, I hope that the Paddledogs who are camping next to us left us some room.... I just had one of those rats nibble on my leg as I'm writing this, the nerve!

(Editors Note: If anyone could doze off under those conditions; Silvio could!)

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  1. Watch the skies carefully guys. If you see a helicoptor dropping cargo nearby, it will be Paul Lange and his trusty craft joining you!

    Allan Richardson